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BBC Entertainment is available via many operators in:

Austria France Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Saudi Arabia
Azerbaijan Georgia Lithuania Serbia
Bahrain Germany Luxembourg Slovakia
(Slovak Republic)
Belarus Hungary Macedonia Slovenia
Belgium Islamic Republic
of Iran
Malta Spain
Bosnia & Herzegovina Iraq Moldova (Republic of) Switzerland
Bulgaria Israel Monaco Turkey
Croatia (Hrvatska) Jordan Netherlands Ukraine
Cyprus Kazakhstan Oman United Arab Emirates
Czech Republic Kuwait Portugal Yemen
Egypt Latvia Qatar
Estonia Lebanon Romania

Please contact your operator to enquire about the possibility of subscribing to BBC Entertainment, or write to us at and we can let you know which operators are currently offering the channel in your area.

In the above territories, as well as in The Canary Islands, Greece and Italy, BBC Entertainment is also available on a Direct-To-Home basis from the Eurobird 9 satellite with a Viaccess 4.0 encryption. If you are in one of the stated regions and would like further information about subscribing to the channel in this way, please take a look at our Eurobird factsheet or contact

DTH customers who wish to subscribe to the channel for the first time (annual subscription) can download a new subscription form here.

If you are an existing viewer of BBC Entertainment with a direct-to-home subscription, you can download a renewals form here.

Please complete these forms and return it to us by post as per the document. Please contact us with any questions about renewals via

If you are experiencing problems receiving the channel, and your subscription is up-to-date, please ensure that you have carried out the following checks before contacting our technical team on


Problem Check List:

  • Your receiver must be Viaccess compatible, and if you are using a Conditional Access Module (CAM) this should have a red label. You can check that your equipment is authorised and supported by Viaccess at Please note that BBC Worldwide Ltd are not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

  • Your satellite dish must be correctly aligned and directed at Eurobird 9 at 9° East.

  • If you lose the BBC Entertainment signal, you should always first try ‘rebooting’ your receiver. Please disconnect it from the mains supply (remove the plug from the wall socket) for around two minutes before reconnecting. You should also try removing the smartcard fully and reinserting it. Consult the above checklist for further suggestions.

  • If you get a ‘No Signal’ or ‘Poor Signal’ message, this means that the receiver is not getting a suitable signal from your satellite dish. This does not concern the BBC Entertainment smartcard. It is imperative that the dish has been carefully aligned and the skew adjusted to give maximum signal strength. You need to check the installation and, if necessary, consult a qualified installer or engineer. Slight changes, sometimes due to wind or weather, can affect reception.

  • If you see a message such as ‘Insert Card’ after your card is inserted, please check that you have put it in the right way up, and right way round, for your receiver – consult your manual for more details if necessary.

  • If you see a ‘No Rights’ or ‘Not Authorised’ message, please check that you have tuned to the correct frequency. Automatic tuning will usually find two channels called ‘BBC Entertainment’. Your smartcard will ONLY work with 11996 MHz. Use the on-screen menu to ascertain that you are tuned to this frequency. See your manual for help.

  • If you were not able to install your smartcard soon after delivery, or if you haven’t watched BBC Entertainment for a while, your card may not have received its monthly authorisation update. Please contact for assistance and have your smartcard number to hand (but please leave it in the receiver).

  • For all other queries about BBC Entertainment, please contact our feedback team on