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BBC Entertainment repeated the Episode of Eastenders last night 20/5 at 2030 Europe time with the episode from 19/5. Did we loose out. Since it was reportedly 5 episodes a week. Also Errors with Doctors saying not available at 2000 on Wednesday nights.


Dear Viewers,

EastEnders on Wednesday 20th May / Change to Schedule on Thursday 21st May

Unfortunately it was necessary to make a late change to the premiere episode of EastEnders on Wednesday evening due to a technical issue. We are very sorry about this, and we understand how disappointed our viewers must have been to miss out on the latest episode of the programme.

We have made a change to the schedule today (Thursday 21st) to ensure that viewers do not miss out on this episode. This evening at 20:30 CEST you will be able to see the episode originally planned for Wednesday, followed by Thursday’s premiere at the slightly later time of 21:00 CEST.

Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

Best wishes,

BBC Entertainment


I think we've had the same episode of Eastenders on two days in a row ?

While I'm writing I should also say I'm not keen on the new "comedy" shows - The Prankster & Cardinal Burns ...


Technical problems again and again... Tonight's eastenders was a repeat of the night before? Chatty man last Saturday night was a repeat of the Saturday night before? I know that you love repeating things. Already per day there are not many programmes as you repeat constantly, so please sort this out. It's very very frustrating


East endears tonight was episode 5066 a repeat of yesterday rather than 5067 as announced!


Dear BBC,

Today evening 20:30 ( 20.05.2015 ) we could see again the series 1 episode 5066 in Hungary. Was this an common problem? When can I see the next episode?

Best regards, Attila


I live in Portugal and last night's episode was repeated again tonight, namely 5066, whereas in the tvschedule you are advertising 5067. Recently there have been problems with repeat episodes of Drs being shown on Tuesday 5th and 12th May, rather than the correct ones.


According to your schedule for today 20.May 2o:30 Eastenders Ser.1/5067 should have been broadcasted (in Germany)...but, in fact, you were REPEATING seq. 5066 shown already yesterday. Why BBC entertainment Europe continues to either run series in wrong order or sometimes not at all (e.g. Doctors)? Is this incapacity or negligence?


Why is the Eastenders episode of today the same one as yesterday's


You have shown the same eastenders today (on now) and yesterday. What is going on