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  • Scott & Bailey (S2)

    From Monday 16 February at 21:00

    Rachel Bailey and Janet Scott are detectives with Manchester Metropolitan Police’s prestigious Murder Investigation Team. Rachel is energetic, impulsive, and bold. Janet is subtle, reliable and a diplomatic thinker with a wry sense of humour, which makes her the perfect foil for Rachel.

    Each episode sees Rachel and Janet deal with serious crimes that are both challenging and emotionally difficult, as well as cope with their own complex personal lives.


    Criminal drama...

  • The Michael McIntyre Chat Show

    From Saturday 28 February at 21:00

    Popular stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre tries sitting down for a change as he hosts his very own interview show, promising a mix of laughter and audience participation as each week he meets three celebrities to discuss their life and work.

    Guests this series include pop star Lily Allen, Sir David Jason, rapper Tinie Tempah, celebrity cook Nigella Lawson, street magician Dynamo and Strictly Come Dancing’s Sir Bruce Forsyth.


    Celebrity chats...

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  • Your life on earth

    Your life on Earth

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