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  • Spooks (S9)

    Mondays at 21:00

    New recruits shake things up as Section D, once again, are left wondering who can really be trusted.

    The team are tracking suspected terrorist, Abib, on a boat from Tangiers. When Somalian pirates storm the boat, a mysterious Eastern European prostitute saves Lucas’ life. This is Beth Bailey, who soon becomes a new recruit, along with former British Special Forces officer Dimitri and data analyst Tariq.

    The newly formed group must gel quickly as relations between the CIA and MI5 reach breaking point over some mysterious hackers. They will have to work together if they are to come out on top in what eventually leads to the ultimate game of cat and mouse.


    Spy action…

  • Him & Her (S3)

    Saturdays at 22:20

    Steve and Becky are still young, unemployed and very, very lazy. Lazing around in Steve’s bedsit, this loved-up couple are happy to spend their days achieving nothing – except watching DVDs and constantly teasing each other.

    Series three sees Steve wanting to take their relationship to the next level – he’s going to ask Becky to marry him. The only problem is finding the right time. With everyone discovering the ring except Becky, will she find out before Steve has had a chance to ask?


    Bedsit shenanigans…

  • Sinbad (S1)

    Saturdays at 19:15

    A thrilling, modern and magical reinvention of the famous legend from Arabian Nights.

    How do you become better than the worst thing you’ve done? When Sinbad inadvertently kills a man and causes the death of his beloved brother, he is cursed and escapes to sea as a stowaway. An impetuous young man on a quest for redemption, Sinbad is condemned to keep searching for a way to lift the curse that chains him to the seas, until he can find the goodness in himself.


    Sea tales…

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