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  • Silk (S2)

    Wednesdays at 21:00

    Maxine Peake and Rupert Penry-Jones return in Peter Moffat's thrilling legal drama following the rivalry, tension, passion and intrigue of life on the front line of criminal law.

    The charismatic and determined Martha Costello is now a member of the Queen's Council – a QC. Which means the stakes are higher than ever.

    In the loneliness of reaching the top of her profession, Martha's love/hate relationship with Clive seems to be growing more important to her. Is it possible that their feelings for each other could finally lead somewhere, or is Clive the one person she should never trust?


    Legal trials and tribulations…

  • Alan Carr: Chatty Man (S12)

    Saturdays at 20:45

    Loved by both the public and his guests for his irrepressible, warm and witty approach, celebrated comedian Alan Carr returns a new series of his BAFTA-winning chat show.

    True to form, he welcomes a glittering array of celebrity from the world of entertainment to his sofa for some hilarious high jinks and showbiz gossip.


    Star-studded conversation…

  • Pramface (S2)

    Saturdays at 22:20

    The heart-warming comedy returns as teen parents Jamie and Laura try to come to terms with having a new baby in their lives – they’re tired, anxious, broke and definitely not getting on.

    Jamie’s best plan is to just hang in there and hope it works out somehow. But the cracks are starting to show, and when Laura starts hanging out with a group of sophisticated yummy mummies, the contrast between her friends and his friends couldn’t be more acute. Then when Jamie meets another girl, Laura reacts very badly indeed. The only certainty is that things aren’t going to get easier any time soon.


    Baby shenanigans…

  • Lorna Doone

    From Saturday 19 April at 18:25

    A swashbuckling adventure set in 17th century rural England, starring Richard Coyle, Aidan Gillen and Amelia Warner.

    As a child, John Ridd watches as his father is killed by the feared clan, the Doones, and swears revenge. Later in life, however, he meets Lorna Doone, and the attraction between them is instant, despite their clan rivalry.

    But the discovery that the Doones stole Lorna from her aristocratic family only increases the intrigue, for now she is a ward of the King, and prevented by class from marrying her true love, John. How will he win her?


    Yesteryear romance…

  • Doctor Who (S7)

    From Saturday 19 April at 19:15

    Matt Smith returns for his third series as the Eleventh Doctor. Each big, blockbuster-movie episode is a brand new epic adventure featuring new monsters and some familiar foes (as you’ve never seen them before).

    The Ponds (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) return for their final voyage with the Doctor. They save a spaceship full of dinosaurs, don Stetsons in the Wild West and are even kidnapped by the Doctor's oldest enemy. But when they arrive in Manhattan, the Weeping Angels are waiting for them – will the Doctor really lose Amy and Rory forever?


    Beware the Weeping Angels…

  • Mad Dogs (S2)

    From Saturday 26 April at 21:30

    Woody, Quinn, Baxter and Rick are back, only this this time they are stranded in Ibiza with 3 million Euros in 500 Euro notes after their attempt to get home via a ferry to Barcelona goes slightly wrong.

    You can't ignore that amount of cash, but how do you get that kind of money home? Little do they know, changing the money is the least of their problems – someone knows what they're doing and they want their money back...


    Big money, big problems…

  • Rev. (S2)

    Mondays at 20:30

    Tom Hollander returns for a second series as the Rev. Adam Smallbone in the Bafta award-winning comedy about a hapless inner city vicar.

    Rev. Adam Smallbone is a Church of England priest struggling to remain relevant in his inner-city parish where he’s largely ignored except by the demanding and irritating few who attend his church – including Lay Reader Nigel, who thinks he should be a vicar, hard-drinking Colin, who’s on an eternal quest for enlightenment, and local crackhead Mick, who isn’t quite the sophisticated grifter he thinks he is.

    In this series, Adam rescues Adoha from a mugger, conducts an exorcism in a nursing home and meets Joan, a new elderly parishioner who has a colourful past and a haunted bedroom.


    Divine comedy…

  • Me & Mrs Jones (S1)

    Tuesdays at 20:30

    Gemma Jones is a divorced mother of three who leads a hectic life juggling working from home with looking after her boisterous 10-year-old twin girls. She also has to deal with her immature ex-husband and his demanding 25-year-old Swedish girlfriend.

    When handsome dad Tom asks Gemma out on a date, she is the envy of all the other mums in the playground. Then grown-up son Alfie returns home from travelling abroad with his charming 24-year-old friend Billy in tow. For the first time ever, Gemma finds herself with more than one possible love interest...


    Love options…

  • Upstairs Downstairs (S2)

    Tuesdays at 21:00

    Set in the year preceding World War II, 165 Eaton Place reopens its doors and welcomes viewers back into the enthralling lives of its inhabitants, both upstairs and down.

    With the menace of war creeping ever closer, the smooth running of Eaton Place is threatened to come crashing to a shattering halt. However, as romance, heartbreak and secrets engulf the household, inhabitants discover that the real threat to 165 is much closer to home.


    Class drama…

  • The Town

    Saturdays at 21:30

    Coming home to the small town of Renton after receiving some shocking news about his family is harder than 30-year-old Mark could ever have imagined. He always had a strained relationship with his parents, his grandmother Betty is now living in his childhood bedroom and he barely knows his teenage sister Jodie.

    He finds things even more difficult when he meets his first love Alice, who is now married with a child. But as Mark struggles to come to terms with a new life, he finds that the ties between the enigmatic Inspector Franks from the local police and his family are stronger than they first appear – and that Renton is a town full of secrets where everyone knows something you don't.


    A homecoming tale…

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