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  • Alan Carr: Chatty Man (S14)

    Saturdays at 21:00

    Loved by both the public and his guests for his irrepressible, warm and witty approach, Alan Carr returns for another series of his side-splitting chat show.

    Each episode sees Alan welcome celebrity guests to his sofa, where the usual rules of chat shows do not necessarily apply! There's high jinks and juicy gossip, and with Alan's gentle mocking approach, who knows what the celebrities will reveal about themselves?


    Celeb chats...

  • Silent Witness (S14)

    Sundays at 21:45

    Everybody tells a story; who they were, how they lived, and most importantly, how they died. Their history is there to be discovered, and the body is the key to unlocking the story.

    In this series, Nikki becomes increasingly disturbed after carrying out the post-mortem of a young girl, Nikki and archaeologist Patrick Cain are asked to investigate a mysterious, ancient body that has been unearthed from a peat moor, and the team also investigate two suspicious suicides; a young woman, pulled from a river near an army base, and a soldier shot in the face during training.


    Crime drama...

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  • Your life on earth

    Your life on Earth