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  • Call the Midwife (S2)

    Tuesdays at 21:00

    Series two continues to follow Jenny and the other midwives as they deal with the all the problems Poplar has to throw at them.

    A fascinating portrayal of birth, life, death and a community on the brink of huge social change, Call the Midwife offers a gripping insight into a world that is so drastically different from how we live now.


    Medical drama...

  • Frankie (S1)

    Wednesdays at 21:00

    A heroine for the modern age, district nurse Frankie Maddox looks life and death in the eye on a daily basis. Her mission: to make a difference.

    This heart-warming and funny series follows Frankie and her eclectic team as they visit their patients at home and takes a look at ordinary lives, which are often in huge domestic crises. The nurses enjoy their work; it may infuriate, frustrate and even bore them at times, but they turn up day in and day out and wouldn’t choose to do anything else – even when missed birthday parties and emotionally neglected kids are the order of the day.


    Heart-warming comedy...

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  • Your life on earth

    Your life on Earth

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